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Wireless dog fences – are they any easy solution?

Wireless dog fences – are they an easy solution?

When considering installing a pet fence one of the factors will be “do I need to install a boundary wire?. A wireless dog fence seems like an easy solution. No boundary wire to dig in, just plug in and go! Pet fences have been around for over 35 years traditionally involved digging or installing a circuit of boundary wire to keep the cat or dog contained. The idea of simply plugging in and going seems so much easier so why are these fences not more popular.

The wireless dog fence involves installing the transmitter into centre of the property and then a circular signal is emitted from the base station to create the no go zone around the garden. Sounds simple enough, however, the downside is that property owner needs to consider several major facts when looking into wireless dog fencing.

  1. Not suitable for narrow properties – the property needs to be 30ft wide min.
  2. Terrain challenges: Lay of the land – not suitable for sloping/ terraced gardens. Signal is confused/intermittent in wooded areas. Signal is effected by metal/ metal fencing.
  3. Wireless dog fence collar cannot be worn indoors as is prone to activation from objects within the house.
  4. Fence wobble – the boundary fluctuates so the dog boundary will change causing confusion/danger to the dog .With some systems the Wireless Fence wobble can be up to 16ft.
  5. The Wireless dog fence cannot be used with houses that have mobile phone signal booster or smart meter.
  6. Wireless receiver collar is heavy and bulky and not really suitable for small dogs or cats.

The system does work for some owners and it would be fair to say that this product is probably more suitable to US houses where the house is on an open flat plot. If the owner is prepared to remove the computer collar and boundary wobble will affect the dog’s safety then this would a product to consider.

The advantage that a wired dog fence has over the wireless system is that it can be used for any shape of property, on any terrain. Also the FM systems guarantee no false activation on the pets collar both internally and externally so the collar can be worn both inside and outside. Technology within the wired systems all means that the size and weight of the computer collars is far small than those offered within the Wireless dog fence market.