What the experts are saying…

Professional dog trainers and veterinarians around the country not only use DogFence products for their own pets, they recommend them to their clients. Whether it’s our outdoor pet fence or an indoor wireless pet fence, experts agree that DogFence pet containment systems have the best technology on the market today. Read on to see why the DogFence pet fence is Vet Approved and Recommended.

Eric McCarrison (Vet of the Year 2007) Recommends & uses DogFence for his two dogs – he is quick to point out that the system not only saves the lives of cats & dogs but also human lives “my dog weighs 45kg if he runs out into the road and a motorcyle hits him this could cause a human fatality”.

Bruce Bladon BVM&S Cert EP DESTS Dipl ECVS MRCVS  I have used Dogfence for my Labrador for four years now, and more recently have bought a collar for the terrier. It has made a huge difference to my dogs lives – now they are able to mooch around the paddocks and be outside all day, while before we had Dogfence they had to be shut up all the time. We live next to a common with wardens and it had become rather tedious collecting the lab from the police station. Dogfence works reliably and effectively – we have also had the opportunity to test the guarantee following a lightening strike, which also worked reliably. I had experience of a cheap system which I purchased from the internet, and it was totally useless.

I recommend DogFence unreservedly. I believe it can enrich the lives of dogs enormously.

Raymond J. McSoley (Internationally Known Animal Behaviorist) – “The first two words that come to my mind when I think about DogWatch are quality and innovation. DogWatch has the best technology on the market today.

Competitive systems come close, but the features available on DogWatch systems simply have them beat. And, you can trust your dog to DogWatch. The people at DogWatch care as much about your dog as you do, and they will see to it that you and your dog are happy with your purchase. DogWatch dealers are professionals who will not only install the system, but train your dog for successful containment.

I cannot overstate how important this is. Training is the key to the effectiveness of the system, and DogWatch dealers follow the same behavioral and conditioning principles professional trainers use. In addition, a DogWatch Hidden Fence is in itself a 24-hour trainer for your dog. The system reinforces what the dog has already been trained to do by your DogWatch Dealer — respect the boundaries you have set.

Finally, speaking as a trainer, I know DogWatch products are not only effective, they are safe. They will not hurt your dog. In fact, by keeping your dog contained in your yard, the DogWatch system protects your dog from harm. The fact is that a slight correction is much better for your dog than risking a potentially fatal run-in with a car on a busy street. And that means more peace of mind for you. For quality, safety, innovation, and effectiveness, I recommend DogWatch Hidden Fence systems to my clients and to you.”

Raymond J. McSoley is an internationally known Animal Behavior Therapist who has treated thousands of dogs with problems ranging from simple bad habits to severe aggression. He has been “Helping Dogs With People Problems” since 1974.

Martin Deeley, Co-Founder International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

I have participated in several of DogWatch’s Annual Dealer Meetings as a guest speaker & Workshop leader. These training sessions represent an ongoing commitment by the company to Dealer Training & Development. At each event, I have been impressed by DogWatch and by the Dealers.

Dr. Andrew Sloyer – Neffsville Veterinary Clinic – “My clients and I both know how wonderful a DogWatch pet fence system has been for ourselves and our pets. But what has been truly satisfying is the professionalism of the DogWatch representatives. They have been prompt in answering any of our questions or concerns regarding the pet fence system and have presented a very caring attitude. The customer service and peace of mind have far exceeded my expectations.”