Cat Fence Containment

People are often not aware that cat fence containment is also a service that we offer. Every year 300,000 of the UK’s 7.5 million cats are killed or our roads. At DogFence, recognise that cats deserve the same quality and protection that we have offered to dogs for many years. Recent advances in both technology and animal behaviour training have allowed DogFence to boast an affordable, simple and effective method of cat containment. As with our dog owning customers we offer top quality products together with recognised animal behaviour training to give unrivaled success.

Cat Systems

Much of the information on our web site relates to dogs but cats can and are safely contained using the hidden pet fence systems. With cats we only use the System 1200+ which is supplied with the lightweight R7m receivers– weighing only 30g they are small enough and light enough for all breeds of cats. Out cat fences differ from traditional netting and roller cat fences as they are suitable for all shapes, sizes and terrains and give the owners to keep the cat safe out areas as well as within a designated boundary.

Escaping cats are an increasing issue. They can not only be injured themselves, but cause significant damage and injury to native wildlife. Their prey drives are almost impossible to control and are under constant scrutiny by wildlife preservationists. If there were a way to control cat’s movements and keep them to their gardens, many of the negative aspects of cat ownership would virtually be eliminated. It’s an almost impossible task to allow a cat to roam the property, yet keep it from wandering away. Cat enclosures work well but are awkward, unattractive and costly.

How Do I Train My Cat to the fence?

Our unique cat training programme offers a simple stress free and safe approach. We cannot offer the same training for cats as we do for dogs as a cat’s personality differs dramatically. Cats will rarely walk on a lead and do not accept verbal training in the same way that we use for dogs, so why should their training be lead orientated? Their movement is different and, therefore, so should their training programme be different. Our training programme takes into account cats natural curiosity, movement and mentality and has been tailored to suit a cats personality.

The typical cat training is done completely off lead as leads usually scare and threaten cats. Also, we prefer to disassociate the owner from the process.

The system is installed around the boundary with careful consideration of the cat’s abilities to escape. Visual permanent landmarks are used for the cat to be able to easily identify the boundary.

After the system is installed, cat training begins using an indoor unit. The outside system is not activated for about 2 – 5 days while the cat adjusts to and learns the system on the indoor unit.

Professional or Self-Installation Options

Cat fence training is simple and effective but does require the owner to be a voyeur in order monitor the cats progress. DogFence can either install your system, set up your receiver collar and initiate the cat training programme or you can order as a self installation kit with our valuable support at the end of the phone or email. For our self install customers and our installed customers we will give you written information on cat training protocol and we are always only a phone call away. As with dogs no two cats are the same but we would expect your pet to be fully competent with the system within 2 weeks – learning in small bite size chunks is the best way forward for the cat.

Our starting levels on the R7micro have been carefully considered to take into account that cats may need low level stimulation. All our cat collars come with a choice of coloured mini or extra small collar strap.

R7m (cats)
Battery life: 6 month
Weight 30g (inc battery) New R7 mciro 30g (smallest collar worldwide)
R1200micro – Correction Levels: 1 – 4 + tone only
R7 micro- Correction Levels: 1 – 7 + tone only
FM Safelink
FastReact ™Software
Waterproof to 10ft
Lifetime warranty
Auto shutdown – protects your cat if the cat get stuck in the correction zone
Anti Linger
Response Hang on time less than 0.1 seconds

Cat Fence Containment DogFence

When installing a system for cats or for both cats and dogs, it is important to closely consider the placement of the boundary wire to avoid enabling the cat to climb out over the signal field. The signal field can be easily adjusted on the transmitter from 2ft – 12ft depending on your property size and containment issue.

As with all our systems your cat can also be trained to the indoor system – I50 or BOB. The indoor units work with your receiver collar and can be placed to exclude your cat from rooms, stairways, beds or sofas. Further information on the I50 is available on our web site or call us for more information.

As with dogs the cat collars must be removed for a minimum period of 6 hours in any any 24 hour period to avoid a pressure sore.

Cat Fence Containment DogFence

“After losing two cats, in quick succession, to road accidents we purchased one of your fences. Our garden is “established” so we were worried that your installer might have problems. To our amazement, he ducked, dived and burrowed into all corners and sides with apparent ease!!”

Mandy Setchell,Herts:

Cat Fence Containment DogFence

“My son is a vet and it was him that put me in touch with you. The service and product is amazing. We will continue to recommend you.”

Mr Cosser – St Leonards on Sea

Cat Fence Containment DogFence

“Called in to check when the battery needed changing – Said it was the best thing she has ever done and now feels relaxed that the cat is safe in the garden”

Vicky Mudford – Chichester