The Most Reliable Hidden Dog Fence

Give your pet freedom and safety and you peace of mind. An “electric dog fence” is more effective, more versatile and much less expensive than traditional fencing.

the dog fence cockapoo front page
the dog fence cockapoo front page

The Most Reliable Hidden Dog Fence

Give your pet freedom and safety and you peace of mind. An “electric dog fence” is more effective, more versatile and much less expensive than traditional fencing.


DogFence is the UK supplier of the DogWatch Hidden Fence Systems – Our mission is to offer the best protection systems and service available in the UK.

DogFence offer a unique onsite Installation & Training programme for you and your pet. A combination of our advanced systems & experienced Installers enables us to give you peace of mind and freedom for your pets! All backed up with a Lifetime Warranty* and Containment Promise*.



This is by far the most popular choice for our customers. Our professional installers will carry-out a high-quality, trouble-free installation of your Dog Fence system and train your pets to understand how it all works.

We will guide you through the training process and always be available on the phone for extra advice when needed. Our installed systems also come with a lifetime guarantee.


If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty installing our dog fence system using our user friendly guide is a simple process.

Our step-by-step instructions and instructional video offer clarity at every stage, from the installing the wire to setting the transmitter and training your dog. Additionally, our customer support team is readily available to address any questions or concerns that may arise during the installation process, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

By choosing to self-install our dog fence, customers gain the satisfaction of knowing they’ve provided a safe and secure environment for their dogs and cats.


How The Dog Fence Systems Work

DogFence offers a cutting-edge “freedom fence” system, featuring a central control box connected to a boundary wire buried around your property perimeter. Unlike other brands, our system uses an FM signal, ensuring reliable communication with your pet’s computer collar 24/7.

As the boundary wire leaves the control box, it’s configured as a twisted pair, cancelling the radio signal. Once reaching the boundary, the wires are split, activating the radio signal. The signal’s size can be adjusted based on your preferences, we typically set a zone of 3ft or more, with flexibility for smaller pets post-training. The signal area emanates 360 degrees around the cable, ensuring comprehensive coverage both above, below and either side of the cable.


Robert Oldershaw
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Good Morning Last Xmas our well behaved Jack Russel was joined by Bertie the Beagle (Long story but almost a rescue dog) Gradually Bertie realised that living in the middle of a farm with no physical boundaries his ability to follow his nose was boundless. Cedric the JR being only 2 was easily lead and we spent hours searching for and returning them home. Dog fence cured them in one day and now we can leave them in the not inconsiderable 2 ha garden all day, they can roam and chase wabbits and still be there wagging their tails when we return.———Brilliant.
Mr May
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The experience at Dogfence was no less than life-changing. I can’t recommend this excellent system more highly. It stopped our beautiful little working cocker from fleeing across the countryside and gave her our woods to make her own, while giving us the security of knowing she has never – not once – in 14 months ventured across the signal. It has given complete peace of mind and the aftercare is equally exceptional.