Indoor Dog Fence – a wireless dog fence

2 Simple Solutions to solve indoor problems!

Banish those stair gates forever! Keep your pets off the sofa?

The Indoor Fence can be used to compliment your existing outdoor dog fence system. Our indoor fences are internal wireless dog fences. Although you may be very happy for your pets to share your home, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you want them in every room of your house. With our indoor fence, you can exclude area such as a baby’s bedroom, the room with the best furniture, or maybe upstairs.

Of course, our Indoor dog fence saves installing ugly baby gates and stops your dog from running out the front door or getting on the kitchen worktops. Naturally, the pet will easily adjust to the indoor dog fence as they will have been trained to the outdoor system. The collar works in the same way as it would externally but giving an audible warning beep followed by an impulse.

Indoor dog fence