How The Dog Fence Systems Work

DogFence offers a cutting-edge “freedom fence” system, featuring a central control box connected to a boundary wire buried around your property perimeter. Unlike other brands, our system uses an FM signal, ensuring reliable communication with your pet’s computer collar 24/7.

As the boundary wire leaves the control box, it’s configured as a twisted pair, cancelling the radio signal. Once reaching the boundary, the wires are split, activating the radio signal. The signal’s size can be adjusted based on your preferences, we typically set a zone of 3ft or more, with flexibility for smaller pets post-training. The signal area emanates 360 degrees around the cable, ensuring comprehensive coverage both above, below and either side of the cable.

Your pet’s computer collar contains a miniature FM radio receiver. As your pet approaches the boundary, the collar emits an audible “beep”, prompting your dog to halt and turn back. If your pet continues, the collar delivers a harmless impulse tailored to their individual needs, similar to an exercise belt.

Our installers use the audible “beeps”, visual training flags, and verbal commands  to teach your dog how to navigate the boundary. This ensures a smooth transition to the “freedom fence” system.

All properties are different and the fence can be adapted to run through woodland, streams, formal lawns and paddocks. Naturally we can cross your driveway discreetly with minimal interruption.

illustration of correction area for freedom fence and dog fence

After completing the training your pet will quickly learn to understand warning beep, and will immediately turn back into the allowed zone. To aid the pet during training DogFence use a series of flags as a visual training aids. The pet therefore has something to hear, something to see and ultimately something to feel. Freedom Fences were orignally designed in the USA and have been given pets freedom for over 45 years.