The DOGWATCH® Product Range

Dogwatch has the most advanced range of pet containment products available today, featuring our unique FM signal technology.  Please browse our product range below, and if you’re not sure which is the right system for you, simply contact us and we’ll advise you on the best solution for your needs.

GroundskeeperSystem 1200CatfencePerformance Series
Perfect for single boundariesOur best-selling systemSpecially tailored for catsCovers 25 – 350 acres
Maximum Cable Capacity100m700m700m1500m / 4000m
Receiver TypeR12 or R12mR12 or R12mR7mR9 or R7m
Training Settings55820
Signal TypeFM SafelinkFM SafelinkFM SafelinkFM Safelink
Professional Installation and Trainingticktickticktick
No interference from metal objectsticktickticktick
No false activation guaranteeticktickticktick
Audible break alarmticktickticktick
comfort fit contactsticktickticktick
Lifetime Containment PromiseLimitedtickcrosstick
Lifetime Warranty2 yearstickticktick
Lightning protectioncrosstickticktick
Tattle tale featurecrosscrossticktick
Auto memorycrosscrossticktick
Battery backupcrosscrosscrosstick


Ideal for driveways and single boundaries and very small areas

The GroundsKeeper is a small but highly innovative system ideal for customers with a very small area to contain or for example a driveway,  small boundary, or to exclude your pet from areas such as, pools and ponds, flower borders, or veg patches etc. Supplied with a choice or computer receiver R12 or R12m.

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For larger gardens and properties up to 5 acres

The System 1200 is ideal for gardens and paddocks up to an acreage of 5 acres (700m of boundary wire). The System is suitable for al breeds of dogs and cats cats and feature our industry beating FM Safelink ® and FastReact ® technology. Supplied with a choice or computer receiver R12 or R12m.

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Unrivalled performance and technology for properties up to 350 acres.

The Performance Series is the DogWatch flags ship system – the most advanced system worldwide. Suitable for properties up to 25 acres or 350 acres in the EX version. Naturally this system uses the industry beating FM Safelink ® and FastReact ® technology but also includes TattleTale ®,Automemory ®, Battery Backup ® and is supplied with a choice or computer receiver R9 or R7m.

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Keeping your cats safe

Cats are smart. They quickly learn to understand what a beep from the collar means, and will immediately turn back from areas where they are not allowed to enter and head back into the safe zone.

The result is a home or garden with happy, and above all safe cats who play were they are allowed but stay out of areas where they may come to harm.

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