Usually people have lots of questions. It’s only natural as you may not have seen a dog fence in action – people ask “what is it?” or will the dog fence hurt my dog, how will I take him out for a walk. Hopefully we have covered the most common questions below but if we’ve missed something do let us know!

What is a pet containment fence?

The Pet containment fence is a dog and cat fence pet fencing system. The system uses an electronic radio signal to keep your pet within a designated containment area, such as a garden. The system is made up of a transmitter box, a boundary wire and a computer collar worn by the pet.

The containment fence can cover all of the property and can be installed on most terrains. The fence also covers your drive even when the gates are open.

The containment fence can also be used to keep pets out of areas such as a swimming pool, patio, or veg patch. Our pet containment fences also work in the interior of your home to keep your pet off a sofa or away from a kitchen worktop or out of rooms. These fences are often referred to as invisible fences, freedom fences or electric dog fences.