How will the dog fence wire cross my driveway?

Will you have to dig up my drive to install the dog fence?

No, we won’t destroy your drive when we install the dog fence. It’s a very neat and simple job and for some driveways completely invisible. It will also be 100% safe to drive over even with heavy vehicles.

Most customers are concerned about how the underground dog fence wire will cross their drive or path. In most cases it is very simple to cross the driveway. The underground dog fence does not need to be buried very deeply in these areas.

Dog Fence for Tarmac & Concrete Drives

Will you have to dig up my drive. No, not at all – our expert Installer will make a small incision in the driveway with a disc cutter, place the cable in the gap and reseal it with silicone after. The scar will quickly fade and in no time at all you will not be able to see the incision. The cable will be safely protected. At all installations we will advise the best positioning for the cable and endeavour to make it as ‘invisible’ as possible.

Dog Fence  for Gravel Drives

With our dog fence trencher we can install directly into a Gravel drive depending on the sub-base. If you want to place the cable in a conduit scrape back the gravel and then dig a small trench approx. 3 – 5” into the ground. Lay the tubing into the trench and pull the dog fence wire through. Make sure that the conduit is slightly longer than the driveway. Scrape the gravel back over the trench.

Dog Fence for Block Paved Drives

Our DogFence Installer will not lift the block pavers. To cross a block paved drive we will look for an expansion joint and cross and seal here. If an expansion joint is not available, we will have to cut in between in each block and weave the cable across the boundary. All cuts will be sealed.

Dog Fence for Resin Bonded

Due to the construction of resin bonded drives it is not possible to cut this material without causing damage. Where possible it is best to use an underground ducts to pull the underground dog fence wire through and other options are available but this will need to be discussed with the DogFence Installer.