dog fence dachshund having fun playing in the gardenWill the dog fence hurt my dog?

Will, the dog fence hurt my dog a concern for many owners. The simple answer is NO, the dog fence will not hurt your dog. Containment fences are completely safe to use on the both cats and dogs. Containment fences have been tested and approved by the Government and leading Universities.

Surely the “shock” will hurt my dog. Firstly, the word “shock” is misleading – the experts agree that the sensation should be described as an impulse. The impulse is very low, similar to an exercise belt. As a comparison dog fence collar outputs an average of 0.5 millijoules and standard electric fence used for horses and cattle averages about 250 millijoules.

This type of stimulation has been used in dog training for over 40 years. And the amount of impulse can be adjusted so that a dog receives the appropriate level of stimulation for its size and temperament. Each collar can be set at different levels to ensure the best achievement for each pet.

Naturally your pet will have to encounter an impulse in the early stages of training. However, after the appropriate training period the pet will listen for the audible warning and afterwards never penetrate the avoidance zone. DogFence products are used and recommended by vets and other pet professionals.

You could cause harm to your dog if you do not remove the dog fence collar. Most receivers use metal prongs to deliver the impulse, and the friction and pressure can potentially irritate your dog’s skin after prolonged wear. By removing the collar every night and putting it back on the morning this will ensure that your dog is safe and comfortable.

It has been proved that a dog’s skin is actually 25 times more resistant than a human’s. Many customers like to test their dog’s collar on themselves. Of course, we’ve all tried it here at DogFence and it is definitely not painful.