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Are electric dog fences cruel?

You’ve heard about electric dog fences and are either intrigued, appalled or desperate to know more!  Surely an electric dog fence cannot be humane? Why does anyone need electricity to keep a dog in? Electric dog fences, wireless dog fences, containment fences why do I need one? Dogs are playful, energetic animals with boundless curiosity. […]

So what’s the difference between a freedom fence and a dog fence?

So you’ve done a bit of googling and come across a few options for  keeping your dog at home. An electronic dog fence, freedom fence or a containment fence. So where do you start. How do you know what the differences are if you don’t know how a freedom fence works? How does a freedom […]

8 Top Tips for stopping your dogs from escaping!

Top tips for stopping your dogs from escaping! Escaping dogs? Lets look at solutions to stop dogs from escaping. Does your dog’s ability to escape from the garden have you convinced that they are Houdini in a Dog’s body? Attempting to keep your dog in the safety of the garden can be frustrating and costly. […]

Dog fences are NOT banned!

Dog fences & Cat fences are not banned! After the government bought containment fences to a public consultation, it was decided that Dog fences are NOT banned. This landmark decision also has had a positive impact for all you cat lovers – Cat fences are not banned either! Given the statics of cats that are […]

What is a freedom dog fence?

What is a freedom fence or  Invisible fence? So what is a freedom dog fence; it’s actually is a generic name for an electronic dog fence. Very similar to a “hoover”, a freedom fence, invisible fence or DogFence are often used to describe the containment dog and cat fences. These dog fences were first produced […]

Dog proof fencing – Does it really work?

Let’s talk about dog proof fencing Dogs are a man’s best friend and we all want them to be part of the family, but trying to keep them contained and safe can be a tricky. Dog proof fencing is not only difficult to source but it can be an expensive task. According to the highways […]

Using Turmeric for dogs to assist with Health Problems

Is it possible to use Turmeric for dogs? So we’ve all been hearing about Turmeric recently for use with treating everything from Arthritis to cancer. Has it occurred to you could could also utilize it’s amazing healing properties for your dog? Using Turmeric for dogs is a relatively new concept but Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines […]

Are electric dog fences illegal?

Are electric dog fences illegal – what you need to know With new legislation on the way, the question everyone is asking is: are electric dog fences illegal in the U.K.? The straight answer is electric dog and cat fences ARE  LEGAL. Electronic dog and cat fences are completely legal in the U.K. Why the confusion? […]

What is an electric shock collar?

So what is an an electric shock collar? Oh how ghastly an electric shock collar for pets! Firstly, we need to remove the words “electric and shock”. These words are misleading implying a degree of intensity which does not accurately reflect the nature of the stimulus.  Shock is too much of an emotive word. These […]