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Affordable dog fencing – what are the options?

Affordable dog fencing When it comes to affordable dog fencing there aren’t many options as fencing is actually quite expensive.  As with everything you get what you pay for and it depends on whether you want to get your hands dirty. Naturally, these fencing options are based on how large an area you need to […]

Ways to Dog Proof Your Garden

Ways to Dog Proof Your Garden  So dogs will be dogs and owners often turn to Google to look for ways to dog proof their gardens. It may be that he or she is digging or climbing their way out of the garden in search of pastures new. They may be causing havoc with the […]

The Containment Fence Myth – truth or lies lets learn more

The truth about containment fences – the myths unraveled! You’ve most likely heard more than one containment fence myth. There are not many products that are surrounded with such controversy or misunderstanding. People who have never seen or even used a containment fence will often feel qualified to repeat the rhetoric they have read. So […]

Fencing For Dogs – Digging Dogs

Fencing for dogs is a key factor, when you create a colourful garden full of plants and flowers. Does your dog undo all your hard work by digging unsightly holes? If you value a beautiful garden, this can be a frustrating problem. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take that will usually stop a […]