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Why Dog Fences Are Exempt from the UK Ban?

Why Dog Fences Are Exempt from the UK electric collar ban Ensuring Safe and Happy Pups! There seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether dog fences are banned in the UK. There is no UK ban on the use or ownership of invisible dog fences. This blog should hopefully help with any […]

Keeping your Pets Safe from Theft

Pet thefts have been an ongoing problem for a while now, however we have seen a dramatic increase within the past couple of years. In 2020, when lockdown started for us all, there was a massive increase in demand of people wanting pets to keep them company. Due to this increase in demand for puppies […]

Keeping your pets safe at Christmas

Keeping your pets safe at Christmas Christmas is just around the corner, the excitement is building, not just for us but for our pets too. Decorations to play with and wrapping paper to hide in the opportunities are endless! Here we are to provide you with ways to keep yourselves and your pets safe during […]

How to Stop Your Dog Chewing Furniture

How to stop your dog chewing furniture   Why do dogs chew furniture? At DogFence we specialize in keeping your dogs (and cats) safe within the garden, however, there may be areas of the house that you want to keep off-limits from your pets? Customers will often ask how can I stop my dog chewing […]

Lowering Your Carbon Pawprint

Lowering Your Carbon Pawprint: How to be a more Eco-Friendly Dog Owner When people talk about being more “environmentally friendly” they might consider using public transport to get to work, making sure that the lights are turned off or conscientiously splitting rubbish and recycling. But how many people think about their canine’s carbon pawprint? Humans […]

Affordable dog fencing – what are the options?

Affordable dog fencing When it comes to affordable dog fencing there aren’t many options as fencing is actually quite expensive.  As with everything you get what you pay for and it depends on whether you want to get your hands dirty. Naturally, these fencing options are based on how large an area you need to […]

Ways to Dog Proof Your Garden

Ways to Dog Proof Your Garden  So dogs will be dogs and owners often turn to Google to look for ways to dog proof their gardens. It may be that he or she is digging or climbing their way out of the garden in search of pastures new. They may be causing havoc with the […]

The Containment Fence Myth – truth or lies lets learn more

The truth about containment fences – the myths unraveled! You’ve most likely heard more than one containment fence myth. There are not many products that are surrounded with such controversy or misunderstanding. People who have never seen or even used a containment fence will often feel qualified to repeat the rhetoric they have read. So […]