How The Dog Fence Systems Work

How Dog Fence Works To Keep Your Pet Safe

DogFence offer a dog fence comprising a central control box which is connected to a boundary wire. The wire usually runs around the perimeter of the property forming a loop.

As with  other brands of containment fence the control box sends a coded radio signal which is transmitted through a boundary wire. The boundary wire acts as an antenna and is simply broadcasting a digital radio signal. The difference between DogFence and other brands is that our signal is an FM signal.

When the cables leave the control box they are run as a twisted pair which cancels the radio signal. Once the cables reach the boundary the cables are split which starts the radio signal. The size of the signal emitted by the control box can be enlarged or reduced according to the customers’ requirements. As a general rule the signal field will be set at 3ft or more but if you have a small dog or cat this may be reduced once your pet is trained. The zone is 360 degrees around the cable (i.e above, below, to the left and to the right) which will give good all-round coverage.

The computer collar that your pet wears, houses a tiny FM receiver. As the pet moves towards the signal the collar emits an audible signal to indicate to the pet to stop and turn back. If the pet continues towards the wire the collar gives a small impulse (similar to a static carpet shock) set to the pet’s individual requirements.

With the use of some visual training flags our expert installers will teach your dog how to avoid the no go area.

illustration of correction area for freedom fence and dog fence

After completing the training your pet will quickly learn to understand warning beep, and will immediately turn back into the allowed zone. To aid the pet during training DogFence use a series of flags as a visual training aids. The pet therefore has something to hear, something to see and ultimately something to feel. Freedom Fences were orignally designed in the USA and have been given pets freedom for over 40 years.