• small dog fence battery - 3.0 volt Battery

    Small Dog Fence Battery – 3.0 volt

  • 3.6 volt battery, dog fence battery

    Dog Fence battery – DogWatch 3.6v Battery

  • connectors for dog fence cable

    5 x connectors for Dog Fence cable

  • DogFence, Freedom Fence, Petsafe collars

    DogFence 1″ Nylon Collar Strap (compatible Petsafe collar strap)

  • contact post set

    Contact Post Set

  • Cat Fence Collars

    CatFence Elasticated Safety Cat Collar

  • Dog fence collar strap, dog fence nylon collar strap

    Dog Fence Nylon Collar Strap – 3/4″ Collar Strap

  • spare medium dog fence collar straps

    Dog Fence Battery & Collar Combo – Collar Strap & 3.6 volt battery

  • One size fits all collar

    DogFence Nylon One Size Fits All Collar OUT OF STOCK

  • Adjuster/Tester for all Dog Fence Receiver Collars

    Adjuster/Tester for all DogFence Receiver Collars

  • dog fence spare collar straps red, black and green

    Dog Fence Collar Strap and 3.0 volt battery combo

  • cable clips

    Dog Fence Cable Clips

  • dog fence tester, battery and battery cap for R12

    R9 or R12 Reciever Battery Kit

    £25.00 Sale!
  • Battery Cap to fit R12m/R7 for dog fence receivers

    Battery Cap to fit R12m/R7

  • dog fence tester, battery and battery cap for R12m

    R7m or R12m Reciever Battery Kit – Catfence

    £17.00 Sale!