Dog fence collar strap and dog fence 3.0 volt battery combo pack

Dog Fence Collar Strap and 3.0 volt battery combo

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Dog Fence collar strap (slim fit) designed to fit all Dog Fence Receiver Collars. 
Also fits freedom fence collars.
Poly Kwik Klip Collar Slim Width (3/4″)
Available in Red, Green, Blue, Black
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Dog fence collar strap (slim width) and dog fence battery. Save money by buying a collar strap and battery together.
The dog fence collar strap is specially designed to fit all Dog Fence Receiver Collars. Poly Kwik Klip slim width which is ideal for small and medium dogs.
Available in Red, Green & Black. All our dog fence collar straps are machine washable (simply remove the receiver unit).
The battery is suitable for the dog fence R12m and R7m receiver collars. These batteries give 6 months of continuous operation.

When fitting a new collar strap it is important to ensure that this is correctly fitted. If the dog fence collar strap is incorrectly fitted this will lead to operation issues with the fence. You can check how to fit the  collar by watch the video above.

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