How does my dog learn where the dog fence boundary is?

In order to learn the dog fence boundary your pet needs training. Your pet is trained by one of our highly trained Installers. The pet learns the containment area through voice commands, audible warning signals from the collar and training flags that are placed around the boundary.

After the initial dog fence training you will carry on with some simple reinforcing training. Your dog goes through a training session with you for a few minutes each day for 3 – 5 days post installation. The training enable the dog to  remembers the placement of the flags and is taught to stay within the containment area.

During the training period, flags are slowly taken away. If your dog goes towards the boundary he will  hear a warning beep indicating he’s too close to the containment fence. If the dog reaches the boundary, he will receive a mild correction. Our trainer will have taught your dog to recognize the warning beep and correction and he will quickly learn to retreat back into the safe zone.