christmas dog staring at a roast chicken

The Dog That Stole Christmas

Let us set the scene for you.

You’ve been slow roasting your Christmas turkey all through the night. The smell is truly heavenly wafting through the house like an angel sent to bless you and give you good fortune. You have basted this creation a thousand times to make sure that the taste is perfect for when all 20 of your family members come round today. You even cooked the pigs in blankets with the turkey so that they too would be a dinnertime delight.

Its finally time to take the turkey out of the oven. The smell warms you up like a Christmas fire and your mouth starts to salivate like the family dog sat next to you, longing for a taste of the wonder in front of him. ‘DING DONG’ goes the bell. The first of your family members has arrived and of course no one else in the house is going to answer the door. You put the Christmas lunch centrepiece on the worktop for what you imagine will only be twenty seconds, but it is more than enough time for a four legged thief to make its move.


A sound from the kitchen? You rush to your turkey like a mother to a crying child and find your hopes and dreams for the perfect Christmas lunch dashed to the kitchen floor. The family dog had somehow managed to jump up on the side and steal the turkey for himself. He couldn’t help it, he wanted to savour the bird as much as you did! He looks up with a sense of guilt in his eyes as he tucks into the juiciest cut of the bird.

Tears welling up, you remember the advert that you saw online for a DogFence Indoor Boundary System. At the time it didn’t seem necessary. Your beloved pet had never needed to be kept away from anything in your house before, so why would you need one now?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Make sure your dog doesn’t steal Christmas this year.  Get in touch with us on 01628 476475 to find out how to keep your dog away from the Christmas dinner.