Will an invisible dog fence work with any pet?

An invisible dog fence will work with cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes. Interestingly here at DogFence, we have also contained pigs, cattle, sheep, a fox, Alpacas and even a Shetland Pony using our invisible dog fence! There is no limit to the number of pets that can use the fence but it is important to realise that every pet will require a computer collar.

Owners often ask if they can swap the collars between the pets. At DogFence we would always recommend that every pet being contained with the invisible fence has its own collar. Each pet should have its own training level as personalities vary. Also, consistency is the key and if a pet is not wearing the collar every day this could lead to confusion. Every time you add a dog or cat to the fence the training flags need to be installed. It is extremely important that the dog or cat has a visual warning whilst they are learning how to use the fence.

Ideally, your pet should be over 3 months old to be trained to the invisible dog fence. The reason for this is that the pet has to have the maturity to understand the training.  We often recommend that cat owners wait until their kitten is 4 months + as cat training varies slightly and involves more Independence from the kitten.

The invisible dog fence is not intended for use with animals that have a history of aggressive behaviour but can be used for domestic dogs and cats. Our customers are our best advert so why not read the lastest reviews here?