System 1200+

DogFence never comprise on the quality of our product or quality of our service. All the systems we supply are individually made and tested before leaving the DogWatch HQ, each computer collar is put through a series of tests to ensure quality and consistency.

The system 1200 Plus has proved to be a great hit with our customers – a halfway house between the standard System 1200 and our Performance range. The System 1200+ uses the standard T1200 transmitter (cable capacity 5 acres) with the intelligent R7m and R9 computers. We found that many customers love the features packed in the Performance Series systems especially since the birth of our new R9 & R7m computer receiver collars but they do not require the transmitter capacity contained in the Performance range. You can now have the best of both worlds!

All our receiver collars are waterproof, and our transmitters come with the added security of lightening & surge protection. With our installed systems we use an industry designed Heavy Wall Cable (*Pro Grade) and even our self-installed systems are supplied with a heavy duty boundary cable.

System 1200+ Features

Max Capacity for the System 1200+ = 5 acres (approx 700m – cable can be supplied as per property requirements).
Dogs & cats do not come in one size so whey should the receiver collar? Choose the receiver to suit the size and personality of your dog or cat!

Choice of 2 receiver collars: The most advanced receivers available worldwide – small, lightweight & intelligent!
The Performance Series collars (or intelligent collars as we like to call them) consist of the R9 which has an incredible 18 – 24 month battery life & weighs only 36g (48g inc battery). In a class of its own the new slick & lightweight design means that the long battery life is open to customers with small dogs as well. Our R7 micro receiver is the smallest receiver available worldwide and weighs only 30g which is suitable for the smallest of dogs or cats. Both these receivers have the intelligent software which communicates back to owner if the collar has been activated (TattleTale), automatically changes the training level if the collar is activated twice in any 24 hour period (AutoMemory), as well as a low battery reminder and a self test feature.

R9 Computer Collar – compact & lightweight – the world’s most advanced Computer collar.
Battery life: up to 2 years – longest available worldwide!
Weight: 36g (48g inc battery)

R7micro Computer Collar (small dogs & Cats) – exceptionally small – the world’s most advanced Computer collar.
Battery life: 6 months
Weight: 23g (30g inc battery)

Packed with added features our Performance Receivers (both R7m & R9) offer the customer the ability to see if their dog has challenged the boundary (TattleTale) as well a self monitoring software (AutoMemory) which will change your pets training level if necessary. The status light runs a self check every 30 seconds and alerts the customer when the battery if running low.

R9 & R7m Computer Receiver collar features:-

7 Programmable levels plus + beep only
Tattle Tale ® – collar flashes to alert that pet has been in the zone.
Automemory ® – collar automatically lifts training level if activated twice in any 24 hour period – added peace of mind.
Patented FM safelink ®
Patented FastReact software ®
High impact case to withstand the most boisterous of dogs (or even cats!)
Waterproof to 10ft
Lifetime warranty (inc dog chews) *
Auto shutdown
Anti Linger – if your pet lingers in the warning zone
Status light – carries out a self-test every 40 seconds to confirm correct function
Low battery warning
3 Omni-directional antenna – offers 360 degree pickup
Fastest startup & Shutdown time available worldwide – stops the dog running over the line but also shuts down instantly when he retreats from the zone.

Warranty* – DogWatch offer an industry beating warranty. Lifetime warranty on all our Professionally installed Systems and a 4 year warranty on all self installed Systems. Our warranty includes accidental damage, dog chews and even lightning strikes – no other manufacturer can match the DogWatch warranty.

System 1200+ Kit includes:

1 x Transmitter, 1 x Receiver collar (either R7m or R9), 1 x Lightening & Surge Protection, 1 x Tester/adjuster, 1 x Training lead, 1 x Installation DVD, 1 x Owners Handbook

From. £398.00

*Pro Grade Cable Details: Designed exclusively for the Pet Fence Industry – (HMWPE) – direct burial wire rate 75 ºC, 300V for wet or dry locations. HMWPE insulation is formulated to provide excellent oxidative stability, toughness and abrasion resistance. High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. 16 stranded conductor with 0.45” insulation.

R9 Computer Collar

R12 receiver collar for use with DogWatch containment fence

R7 Micro computer Collar

Mini dog fence collar for use with DogWatch containment fence

1200+ Transmitter

A Pro fence 1200 transmitter