How does the invisible dog fence work?

An invisible dog fence consists of a transmitter box, a boundary wire and a computer collar which is worn by the pet.

The invisible dog fence transmitter box is installed in the customer’s house, garage or outbuilding. It is plugged into a standard socket. The boundary wire is connected to the transmitter box. It is installed around the boundary of the customer’s property. This is usually buried underground but it can be placed above ground. The invisible dog fence wire carries the harmless low-level radio signal around the wire. The wire has to start and finish at the transmitter box – i.e forms a continuous circuit.

The pet wears a computer collar that emits a warning beep followed by a mild stimulation (similar to a carpet shock) when he gets too close to the designated area. The no go area for the invisible dog fence is marked with some temporary training flags to assist the pet with a visual. The Invisible dog fence Installer trains the pet to understand the avoidance area.

Once the pet is trained the dog can be left in the garden without supervision and he will stay safe at home. The invisible dog fence gives the pet safety and freedom 24/7.