The Most Reliable Hidden DogFenceHow Does the Invisible Dog Fence Work?

Curious about how invisible dog fence systems work? At DogFence, we’re here to demystify the process while offering top-notch installation and training services tailored to your pet’s needs.Our invisible dog fence systems utilise cutting-edge technology to keep your pet safe within set boundaries. Unlike traditional fences, these systems employ a combination of underground wiring and receiver collars to establish an invisible boundary around your property.

The fence can be installed on nearly any terrain and can cover up to 350 acres!During installation, our expert team strategically places the boundary wire underground (to a max depth of 6″), creating an invisible perimeter. This wire emits a harmless radio signal that communicates with the receiver collar worn by your pet.As your pet approaches the boundary, the receiver collar emits an audible warning signal, alerting them to the boundary’s presence. If your pet continues to approach the boundary, the collar delivers a mild static correction (similar to an exercise belt), deterring them from crossing the boundary.But it’s not just about installation. Our comprehensive training program ensures that your pet understands and respects the invisible boundaries set by the system. Our skilled trainers work with your pet to teach them the boundaries using both visual and audible commands and positive reinforcement techniques.  This gives your dog a safe and effective learning experience. Once the dog is trained he or she can be left in the garden without supervision to enjoy the freedom with safety. The invisible dog fence gives the pet safety and freedom 24/7.

With over 20 years experience we consider our selves experts. You can trust that your pet’s safety and well-being are our top priorities. Contact us today to learn more about our invisible dog fence systems and how we can keep your pet safe at home.