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Our dog fence is used by all sorts of owners. We might be a bit biased about out own fence & service so read what others have to say about us. See below for comments from our customers, from pet professionals, and the media. Actually, our happiest customers can’t say much, but judging from the tail wagging out there, we think our most important customers are very satisfied.

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What our customers are saying about dog fence

Dog supporter :

Jeanette White, Shropshire: “Hello, 2 weeks ago you fitted a dog fence for us. So far we are very pleased with it. Henry has quickly learned where his boundary is – he has only had one or two little shocks. The little dog has also found that close to the dog fence he has a “Henry free” zone, which is good for him. So far it has been a great success and we would recommend it to anyone. Many thanks, Jeanette.”

Recommended by:
Labrador Rescue (Hants)
Beagle Rescue (Windsor)

Cat supporter:

Mandy Setchell,Herts: “After losing two cats, in quick succession, to road accidents we purchased one of your fence systems last month, to protect our remaining cat, Elektra. Our garden is “established” to put it mildly, so we were worried that your installer might have problems getting through the undergrowth to all parts of the fence. To our amazement, he ducked, dived and burrowed into all corners and sides with apparent ease!!
THANK YOU!! After losing two cats, my nerves were shot to pieces at the thought of losing another, so the comfort and reassurance your system has given me has been immense. With very best wishes, Mandy”.

Feline Friends recommends that cat owners who live in the proximity of a public road, and whose cats are allowed outside, consider the installation of a containment fence if their furry companions cannot otherwise be prevented from wandering onto a road by conventional fences or enclosures. Too many of us delay until after we have suffered the bereavement of a dearly loved friend before we take action.

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What the experts are saying about DogFence Ltd

Professional dog trainers and veterinarians around the country not only use our dog fence for their own pets, they recommend them to their clients. Whether it’s our outdoor pet fence or an indoor wireless pet fence, experts agree that DogFence pet containment systems have the best technology on the market today. Read on to see why our dog fence is Vet Approved and Recommended.

Eric McCarrison (Vet of the Year 2007)
Recommends & uses DogFence for his two dogs – he is quick to point out that the dog fence not only saves the lives of cats & dogs but also human lives “my dog weighs 45kg if he runs out into the road and a motorcyle hits him this could cause a human fatality”.

Bruce Bladon BVM&S Cert EP DESTS Dipl ECVS MRCVS
I have used Dogfence for my Labrador for four years now, and more recently have bought a collar for the terrier. It has made a huge difference to my dogs lives – now they are able to mooch around the paddocks and be outside all day, while before we had Dogfence they had to be shut up all the time. We live next to a common with wardens and it had become rather tedious collecting the lab from the police station. Dogfence works reliably and effectively – we have also had the opportunity to test the guarantee following a lightening strike, which also worked reliably. I had experience of a cheap system which I purchased from the internet, and it was totally useless.

I recommend DogFence unreservedly. I believe it can enrich the lives of dogs enormously.

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