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DogFence will never compromise on the quality of our products or the quality of our service.


Proven Safety and unrivaled performance in pet containment.

DogWatch designs and manufactures the world’s safest, most reliable and compact hidden dog fence. Simply the best… no getting ’round it’!

DogFence offer both a lifetime equipment and lifetime containment promise*. Using our patented Digital FM Safelink ® and FastReact ® software we guarantee to contain your pet!

Invisible fences have been used to contain pets for over 30 years. Traditional dog or cat fencing is often not an adequate solution, dogs are typically digging under or jumping over the fence, some even escape by simply pushing through the boundary! Containing cats can be even more difficult, as cats can easily jump over conventional cat fencing.

When you contact DogFence you are contacting people that will give you professional support. DogFence is not a “web based business” which simply boxes up DIY pet fence kits and posts them to you; we are here to support you – Lifetime Guarantee. Our electronic dog fence is designed to be user friendly and safe and our expert staff are on hand to assist you for the lifetime you own our product. Our knowledge does not come from a manual but comes from years of in the field experience training and supporting dogs with invisible dog fencing. If you wish to self install your dog fence we will share our knowledge and offer any support required. We offer a money back guarantee on all our dog fence systems.

What makes our underground dog fence system different?

All other brands of dog fence use an AM radio signal, however, the DogWatch hidden fence system uses an advanced digital FM signal (Safelink)® which guarantees your pet’s collar will never receive a false activation, and reacts 15 times faster than any other dog fence system. Our technology dominates the electronic dog fence industry – no other manufacturer can match the security, battery life (2 years!), reaction time or warranty. Our new generation of fence collars are slick and lightweight, infact – the lightest most compact collars available worldwide. Our customers are our best advert – read our referrals here!

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Outdoor Fences

DogFence give your pet freedom and safety and give you peace of mind. A hidden dog fence is more effective, more versatile and much less expensive than traditional fencing. DogFence are the sole UK suppliers of DogWatch hidden fence systems, market leaders in technology, safety and 100% guaranteed! Our dog fences are suitable for both dogs and cats of all breeds and personalities.

Indoor Fences

DogFence offer an easy and effective indoor pet containment product to help you manage your pet indoors, too. No more putting up baby gates, closing doors or covering furniture! Simple to install, easily portable the invisible indoor dog fence can be added to your system at any time.

Only FM electronic dog fence available worldwide = 100% no false activation guarantee. Safest & fastest reacting hidden dog fence, genuine lifetime warranty, longest battery life in the industry. Quality & service guaranteed.