At what age can a dog use an invisible dog fence?

An invisible dog fence is not just for adult dogs. At DogFence we recommend that your puppy is a minimum of 12 weeks to start training. If you are able to wait for a little longer then 16 weeks is ideal. Whilst we appreciate that some brands advise from 8 weeks old at DogFence we feel this is too young.

It is important that your puppy has the maturity to understand that training for the invisible dog fence. If you are keen to get your puppy started quickly then follow these simple steps and this will assist with his ability to learn how to use the fence.

Points to remember

  • Make sure he is happy to walk on a lead. The majority of the invisible dog fence training is carried out on a trying to dig under invisible dog fence
  • Make sure is accepting some basic verbal commands. Nothing fancy but a sit and come will help.
  • Try to get him to interact with strangers. The more confident your puppy is the easier it will be for him to learn.
  • Do not place the training flags, our Installer will do this on the day of his visit.

As with any new training protocol, it will take your puppy a couple of weeks to settle into the fence. When we install for you we will train both you and your puppy to understand how to use the invisible dog fence. Once your fence is installed you can add on a new dog or cat at any point in time. Keep hold of your training flags as they can be recycled for any new pets that need to be trained.

To have a new pet trained to the invisible dog fence just give us a call about one month before so that we can schedule in a time and date to visit you.