Lincoln University Cat Study for the use of electronic containment fence

The long awaited study into containment of cats using the electronic hidden fence system has now been released.

The study carried out by animal welfare researchers at the University of Lincoln, UK, is the first of its kind. The researchers found no evidence of long-term welfare problems in cats living with these fences, compared to control cats able to roam freely in and out of their owners’ gardens, indeed the report concludes:-

“Taken together, the findings do not suggest that long-term (at least 12 months) exposure to the system had a significant negative impact on the behaviour and welfare of contained cats. Indeed cats subject to electronic confinement appear to be less neophobic than unrestrained cats.”

As well as the safety element of using the system to keep the cat safe by preventing death/injury or even the theft of a beloved friend the use of the system also protects wildlife from cats that hunt. In the UK we love our cats and own over 8.1 million but sadly they also do significant damage to our wildlife and are responsible for death of 55 million small mammals and birds each year.

The study further reported noted: “In contrast, housing cats solely indoors to remove such risks is associated with increased prevalence of a range of health problems including obesity, Feline Urologic Syndrome and dental disease. Long-term exposure to common flame retardants widely used in homes may also have toxic side effects for cats.”

As many of our DogFence customers are aware we developed a simple and effective training protocol for cats using our indoor units which has proved highly successful.

With the development in technology in recent years from our manufacturer DogWatch Hidden Fence Systems we have seen increased interest in the use of the hidden fence for cats and when you take into consideration that every year 300,000 cats are killed on the UK roads the hidden fence offers a safe an affordable method of containment for cat owners. Sadly there has also been an increase in the theft of pedigree cats and again the fence offers owners comfort knowing that their cats can exhibit normal behaviour but safely in the confines of their own property.

grey cat with cat fence collar