Training a Cockapoo to Use an Electronic Dog Fence

Welcome to our dogs of DogFence blog. Within our blog we will be sharing customer experiences from owners who have used our electronic dog fence.  This week, we feature Taloola, the rather greedy and adventurous Puggle who liked to visit the neighbour’s chickens and   oAnnapolis Valley & Nova Scotia shares how Belle the Border Collie uses an Invisible Fence System to enjoy her scenic country lot next to the cows.

But first, meet Belle!

Belle is a nine-year-old Border Collie who has used her Invisible Fence since she was 13 weeks old. Border Collies are known for being affectionate dogs, and Belle is no exception. She loves people and getting attention as long as it’s on her own terms. Her owner, Helen, says Belle thinks she’s a princess.

Why did Belle’s parents contact Invisible Fence of Annapolis Valley & Nova Scotia?

Training Border Collie to Use Invisible Fence on large property

Belle is Helen’s first dog since childhood. Being a newer dog parent to an energetic dog breed, Helen asked her vet for recommendations on the best pet containment for a large property. Helen’s vet recommended she try Invisible Fence, so Helen contacted her local Invisible Fence Dealer for a quote and to find out more about outdoor containment solutions and indoor avoidance solutions.

Outdoor Containment Solutions

Knowing that Border Collies require a lot of exercise, Helen wanted Belle to enjoy the yard (and the beautiful Annapolis Valley view) while she worked from home. Installing an outdoor containment solution gave Helen the confidence in Belle’s safety while she was inside working, and it allowed them to play together outside without distractions like the school bus.

Belle loves to bark at the school bus. She has never been one to chase the school bus (thanks to her Invisible Fence), but she always makes sure she barks at it when it comes down her road.

In addition to providing Belle independence, the cost to have an Invisible Fence installed was significantly less expensive than the cost to install a traditional fence on Helen’s large property.

Indoor Avoidance Solutions

Not only did Invisible Fence help Helen contain Belle outside, but it also allowed her to provide boundaries in her home as well. Helen, like many pet parents, wanted to keep her dog out of the bedroom. By placing an Shields® Indoor Solution in her bedroom, Helen is now able to keep her bedroom “Belle free.”

Plus, giving Belle the freedom to burn energy outside, made a huge difference when it came to better behavior inside the home. More specifically, Helen says that a combination of indoor and outdoor solutions helped prevent her dog from chewing.

How did we safely train a Border Collie to use Invisible Fence?

According to American Kennel Club, Border Collies are known to be highly trainable dogs. Belle lived up to this expectation, learning her boundaries almost immediately. By the time Belle had her second Perfect Start™ Plus training, she was already a pro.

Belle is a smart dog who catches on quickly. She responds to the beep, and now after all these years, Belle still respects her boundaries.