Dog Fence Battery  – Automatic Renewal Programme

When your dog fence battery runs out so can your dog. If you sign up to the DogFence Battery Programme, then you will receive your next three batteries automatically every 6 months. You purchase the 3 batteries and we send then out at the correct intervals. The DogFence battery programme takes the hassle out of remembering when you need to change the battery and keeps your pet safe.

The dog fence battery is approved by our manufacturer and designed to work in our DogFence collars. Whilst you may find that other batteries will work in the collar these can cause issues. If you a use non-authorised dog fence battery this can lead to pacification on the receiver collar (Duracell batteries in particular can cause this issue. Similarly the approved dog fence battery should last 6 months.

You also receive a 25% discount compared to buying the batteries individually.

Offer only applies to our 3 volt battery (see picture below).

3.0 volt dog fence Battery

The 3.0 volt battery for the R12m and R7m collars

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