Sidewalker® Anti-pull Collar

The SideWalker® Anti-pull Collar provides a gentle training method to help create a more enjoyable on-leash experience for you and your dog. More walking, less pulling, and more time together side-by-side.


The SideWalker® creates a more enjoyable walking experience for you and your dog. Gently corrects overly enthusiastic lead pulling and helps your dog learn appropriate on-lead behaviour. The ‘self-teaching’ design assists in reinforcing appropriate lead training and eliminating excessive pulling. The SideWalker has 5 adjustable settings from low to high plus a vibration option so you can select a setting appropriate for your dog. When the dog pulls on the lead, the pressure of the collar strap on the SideWalker activates either a vibration or a stimulation. The vibration or stimulation gradually increases as the dog pulls and resets when the pulling stops.


Five Adjustable SettingsThe 5 adjustable settings include a vibration setting, 3 stimulation settings and a Progressive setting that begins with Vibration and gradually progresses from Low to High if the dog continues to pull.
Progressive LevelsWhen the dog pulls, the level of the vibration or stimulation (for that setting) gradually increases. When the dog stops pulling, the Sidewalker resets to the lowest level for that setting.
Long-Lasting BatteryThe long-lasting, easy-to-recharge battery typically stays charged for several days.
Low Battery IndicatorLets you know when it is time to recharge.
Lightweight, WaterproofBecause dogs will be dogs.

Anti-pull Collar


  • SideWalker
  • Collar Strap
  • Battery Charger
  • Test Light/Contact Post Tool
  • Long & Short Contact Posts
  • Owner’s Guide